A community partner committed to delivering safe and reliable electricity while providing innovative and high-quality services and solutions to our customers.


Working co-operatively as a trusted, quality services and solutions provider; creating value for all stakeholders

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  • SAFETY FIRST – Promote the importance of health, safety and wellness

  • CUSTOMER FOCUS – Remain a leader in customer care and service delivery

  • EXCELLENCE – Strive for operation and performance excellence

  • SUSTAINABILITY – Protect the environment and meet the needs of present without compromising future generations

  • COMMITTED – Continue long-term commitment to employees and community partnerships

Strategy Overview

Strategic Pillars

  • What we do

Strategic Objectives

  • What we want to achieve in the next 5 years

Strategic Initiatives

  • How we will achieve our goals
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Grow the core regulated business through mergers, acquisitions, boundary expansion and smart investment. Grow the competitive business and margins

Core Business:

  • Foster and service economic growth within our communities through competitive rates and value added service delivery – be the “Hometown Utility”
  • Continue to optimize capital investment, hardening of the asset to mitigate impact of severe weather events and other business risks
  • Modernize the grid, explore non-poles/wires solutions as an alternative
  • Continue to pursue mergers, acquisitions and expansion of service territory where it makes economic and operational sense.

Competitive Business:

  • Pursue investment in Distributed Energy Resources (eg. solar generation, energy storage, EV infrastructure) and emerging technologies that bring value to the integrated utility model
  • Build on existing competitive high performing business lines with expanded sales and marketing outreach
  • Growth of CIS/Billing/RMS and enhance service offering opportunities


Improve the company’s framework for identifying and mitigating key risks, safety, cyber, succession and talent retention, impending market and technology changes

  • Continue to manage risk and ensure measures are in place; keeping in step as conditions change
  • Strengthen Cyber Resiliency and Information Security (integrity, confidentiality, availability) against an evolving threat environment
  • Maintain a safe and healthy workplace and monitor through OEB, ESA and internal scorecards with no lost-time injuries
  • Attract, retain, engage and develop employees; maintaining a value-based work environment.
  • Maintain or improve strong performance to all regulatory KPIs


Optimize operational efficiencies & drive innovation/grid modernization through process, people & technology; enhancing the customer experience

  • Enhance the customer experience and engagement through new technologies that create innovative touch points such as self-serve experience, chat, social media and advanced notifications
  • Enhance the customer experience through evolving technologies such as a customer facing Outage Management System (OMS) and CHAT function
  • Deploy RPA, a Robotic Process Automation; streamlining processes and gaining efficiencies
  • Continue to support customer education; promoting electrical safety and energy conservation
  • Modernize LDC through innovation and automation investments
  • Enable new DER technologies


Maintain strong market reputation and foster positive community and shareholder relationships; while lobbying for positive energy policy

  • Corporate Image – (customer satisfaction, customer engagement, brand recognition)
  • Service Excellence – continue corporate events (Charity Golf, ERTH Connects User Workshop)
  • Enhanced marketing and web presence
  • Increase ERTH Profile in industry
  • Continue to foster relations with strategic partners (Communities, Industry, LDCs, GSC, CHEC)
  • Participation on or attendance with industry councils, Boards and events
  • Advocate for positive, sustainable energy policy and reduced regulatory burden

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