In Ontario’s retail electricity market, ERTH is the leading provider of EBT Hub services with our client base representing approximately 93% of the retailer-enrolled consumers in Ontario. ERTH provides a fully compliant and rigorously tested HUB and Spoke that meets all Ontario market specifications.

ERTH’s EBT Hub Service provides the following key benefits:

  • Proven and unrivaled reliability and scalability. ERTH’s systems have successfully processed the vast majority of market data since 2002, clearly demonstrating the reliability and performance capabilities of our Hub, our infrastructure, and our operations team.
  • Web application to view and track all EBT data. ERTH provides an easy-to-use Web-based application that allows clients to view all of their data in complete detail, and to track its flow through the EBT system to retailers.

Our Hub has proven its capability through implementation and testing with over 80 distributor and retailer clients. We have helped these clients certify with the EBT Hub technology under very tight timelines while meeting or exceeding the stringent EBT standards.

EBT Hub Suite of Applications

Connected to the Hub is also the following EBT Hub Suite of Applications that greatly increase our clients’ productivity. The applications are:

  • Account Viewer
  • EBT Exceptions Viewer

EBT Exceptions Viewer

ERTH’s Exception Viewer provides an enhanced level of exception tracking allowing market participants to address time-sensitive issues, enabling local distribution companies to search for missing retailer bills, while also enabling retailers to ensure their bills are received and are properly settled.

Account Viewer

ERTH’s Account Viewer goes one step beyond Exception Viewer and provides a single chronological view of a consumer’s account-level information and historical transaction activity. Account Viewer allows clients to quickly find required information by highlighting related transactions and by providing a summary of relevant fields.

EBT Spoke Connector

ERTH Business Technologies Spoke product is an automated interface that allows market participants to send and receive data from their back-office systems. The Spoke connects the Customer Information System (CIS) to the Electronic Business Transaction (EBT) Hub network.

The EBT Spoke ensures that messages conform to all security and message protocols, and comply with all technical business rules as specified by the regulatory authority.

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