At ERTH Corporation, we believe in connection.

A connection that is rooted in the utility industry, and branches far beyond the grid.

It’s a connection to our team, our customers, our partners and the environment.

To understand the importance of connection, you must get to know ERTH.

Beneath these four letters are the building blocks to a diverse group of companies that are 100% municipally owned, and built upon the values of customer focus, commitment, excellence, innovation, safety and sustainability.

From our headquarters in Ingersoll, Ontario and multiple satellite offices, we are a trusted advisor, contractor and partner, dedicated to helping our customers thrive both locally and internationally.

To the small Southwestern Ontario communities within the ERTH Power service territory, from the Lake Erie to Lake Huron,

We are your hometown utility, working through the late nights, early mornings and raging storms to keep the lights on.

To the municipalities and utilities with complex business demands and technology requirements,

We are your trusted subject matter experts for billing, document fulfillment, CIS application management, cloud computing, and EBT hub services.

To the engineers, mechanical service technicians and sales reps out in the field,

We are your source for estimating and quoting software to streamline and grow your business.

From high voltage substation maintenance, repairs and installations, to efficient lighting solutions, metering services, and utility construction,

You can count on our team of certified professionals to light the way and get the job done right, every time.

Because we believe in providing connections you can count on.

For your home, your business, and your community.

We are ERTH Corporation

And we are Defining Influence.

ERTH Corporation – Defining Influence

ERTH Corporation is a diverse group of companies with origins in the utility industry. Owned by nine municipal shareholders, ERTH has grown to be a leading provider of products and services in many industries including utility, energy retailer, municipal, commercial and industrial to name a few. With customers across North America, ERTH is committed to improving the overall customer experience while helping to lower operating and maintenance expenses for our customers. ERTH has offices throughout southwestern Ontario including Ingersoll, Aylmer, Thorndale and Goderich.

ERTH is in a unique position being owned by municipalities and also owning a local distribution company (LDC), ERTH Power Corporation. These relationships have given ERTH an in-depth understanding of the municipal and utility worlds, which in turn allows us to provide exceptional products and services to these and related industries.

Through ERTH’s regulated arm, ERTH Power Corporation provides electricity and related services to customers in 15 communities across 4 southwestern Ontario counties; from the shores of Lake Erie to that of Lake Huron. Through our competitive and non-regulated arm, ERTH Corporation provides innovative solutions and services throughout North America and now globally.

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