Through innovation, technology and infrastructure, ERTH is committed to helping advance the electricity sector in Ontario for today’s energy consumers and future generations to come.  As the electricity industry shifts toward clean energy resources, ERTH is proud to support the adoption and deployment of renewable Distributed Energy Resources.

What are Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)?

DERs are small, modular, energy generation and storage technologies that provide electric capacity or energy where you need it. DER systems can be connected to the local electricity grid or isolated from the grid in stand-alone applications.

DER technologies include electric vehicles, solar panels, wind turbines, cogeneration, energy storage, and controllable loads to name a few.

Electric car parking charging at smart modern charger station. Renewable energy storage stand with solar panels wind turbine and city skyline in background. Sustainable eco future transport vector.

How are DERs used?

DER systems can be used in several ways. They can help municipalities and other energy users manage energy bills and ensure reliable power by augmenting existing energy services.  DER systems also enable a facility to operate independently of the electric power grid, whether by choice or out of necessity. Certain DER systems can even lower emissions and improve fuel utilization on site.

Utilities can use DER technologies to delay, reduce, or even eliminate the need to obtain additional power generation, transmission, and distribution equipment and infrastructure. At the same time, DER systems can provide voltage support and enhance local reliability.

Benefits of DERs

DERs represent a major advancement for the energy sector, offering many opportunities and benefits, including:

  • Clean energy – DERs are sustainable, clean energy resources, which help organizations meet their environmental goals and mandates
  • Economical –  DERs can deliver cost and energy savings, while providing environmental credits and benefits
  • Contingency planning and resiliency – DERs allow for multiple sources of electricity generation in the event of system failures such as natural disasters
  • Reduced strain – DERs reduce the strain on the provincial electricity grid

Services ERTH Energy offers

ERTH can provide the following services to help you build, operate, and maintain your DER systems:

  • Project Development and Other Consulting Services
  • Design and Engineering
  • Electrical Contracting
  • High Voltage Distribution Services
  • Electrical Metering
  • O&M Services

In addition to providing the above DER Services, ERTH Energy is also focused on the deployment and ownership of DERs, including ERTH’s existing portfolio of 850kW of solar generation projects and over 30 EV charging connections located on utility and municipal properties.   ERTH Energy is interested in growing this DER portfolio – alone and in partnership with other utilities, municipalities, large electricity customers, and other key stakeholders.  ERTH’s participation in new DER projects may take a variety of forms, including full or partial ownership or financing and shared savings arrangements.  Interested partners wishing to discuss potential and existing DER projects with ERTH are invited to contact us.

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