Electric Metering Services

Electric Metering

Since the deregulation of the Ontario electricity market, ERTH has been a leader in the electric metering industry.

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ERTH has been a pioneer in 21st century electric metering. We have been the relied upon source of meter verification in Ontario servicing local distribution companies (LDCs), meter manufacturers and property management organizations since 2000. Contact us today to learn how we can streamline your operations and save you money.

Accredited Meter Verification

Out of our accredited meter verification (AMV) shop in Ingersoll, Ontario, we provide servicing to a wide scope of meters which have been approved by Measurement Canada. Our meter experts have the knowledge and experience to test and verify them to opens in a new windowMeasurement Canada’s standards.

Meter Service Provider

ERTH is proud to be the first registered Meter Service Provider (MSP#1001) with the opens in a new windowIndependent Electricity System Operator (IESO) for the Ontario wholesale electricity market. Since then we have provided wholesale metering solutions for the manufacturing industry, energy generating operations, and LDCs in Ontario. ERTH is audited regularly by Measurement Canada and IESO to ensure compliance and adherence to ISO 9001 standards. Learn more about our Meter Service Provider services.

Compliance Sampling

In 2011, ERTH became the first company in Ontario to be certified by Measurement Canada to perform sampling on single and polyphase electronic meters. ERTH’s expertise in the electric metering market allowed us to develop a one-of-a-kind program to help Ontario’s utilities manage their meters and ensure they satisfy all of the requirements set in place by Measurement Canada under S-S-06. Learn more about the Compliance Sampling program her.