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Estimating and Tracking

Quadra is a powerful and feature rich web based Estimating and Job Management tool that streamlines your Bid to Invoice life cycle. Since most of your business starts with an Estimate, make sure you leave nothing to chance! Download our brochure to learn more.opens PDF file

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Bid to Invoice Life Cycle

  • Quadra for Construction
  • Quadra for Manufacturing
  • Quadra for Cayenta

Quadra is a powerful and feature rich Estimating and Project Management tool that seamlessly integrates with your Job Cost and Financial Systems to eliminate complex spreadsheets, duplicate entry and reduces user and data errors that cut into your margins. Complex estimates are easily created by using preconfigured assemblies, importing take-offs or CSV files or by simply copying from previous jobs. The streamlined Project Management module tracks all tasks, files and comments related to a job. Configurable alerts means everyone stays on top of their tasks. Sales Orders and Purchase Orders are created directly from your estimates eliminating all duplicate entry. Click here to learn more

Why Choose Quadra?


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Highlights of Quadra:

  • Web-Based
  • Integration with Job Cost and Inventory Systems
  • Accurate and timely Estimates and Proposals
  • Project management
  • Auto-alerts
  • Generate Sales Orders and Purchase Orders in a click

Take the Risk out of Estimating


In today’s highly competitive landscape, bids are often won and lost by the narrowest of margins. Spreadsheets are hard to keep current as prices constantly fluctuate. Using Real-Time pricing either from your inventory system or directly from suppliers eliminates business risk! Click here to learn more.

Track every stage of your Bid to Invoice Life Cycle


Quadra has a robust and user friendly Project Management module designed for tracking construction projects. Configurable alerts keep everyone on task and with customizable dashboards helps you manage multiple projects at the same time. Click here to learn more.

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From Estimate to a Purchase Order or Sales Order

Go from your Estimate direct to a Purchase Order or Sales Order to keep track of all material for a project. If you get your pricing from a supplier, you can automatically import the details enabling you to easily create a Purchase Order with a simple click. Inventory mistakes are one of the leading causes of variance in jobs and often lead to unnecessary cost overruns that eat into your profits. Click here to learn more

estimate to actual price

Reporting & Analytics

By having access to both the Estimated and actual items for each job, Quadra Reports can quickly identify variances allowing you to quickly adjust future estimates. The reports can be exported to Excel for analysis or viewed through customizable Dashboards. Click here for further details on Quadra’s Project Management

Here is what our customers are saying about Quadra.

Mike Brown

Quadra is not just a nice to have but a must have for Oakville Hydro. It saves our job planners, designers and financial team hours each and every day with the seamless integration between the 3 products, Quadra, WennSoft and GP. We are no longer updating spreadsheets with new inventory pricing or manually creating jobs in WennSoft (Key2Act). Having an ROI of less than 4 months made the purchase decision pretty easy for us but the continued collaborative partnership with ERTH has validated our decision. The fact that ERTH also uses Quadra to support their business reassures us that it will continue to meet our business needs well into the future.”

Mike Brown, Chief Operating Officer, opens in a new windowOakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc.