Water Meters & Parts

Water Meters & Parts

A leader in the water metering industry, ERTH provides services to municipalities and commercial/industrial customers to help manage and monitor water usage.

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ERTH has established relationships with the water meter manufacturing community and can fill most requirements for new and refurbished meters and parts.

New Water Meters & Parts

At ERTH, we carry an extensive inventory of new meter parts, registers, specialized meter setting fittings, and custom fabricated applications. We carry many brands of meters and parts including:

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In addition, ERTH’s highly trained staff can install the new meters and/or parts for you and a program to ensure meters are tested regularly ensuring accurate readings.

Re-Manufactured Meters & Parts

ERTH can provide re-manufactured meters and parts to help our customers save costs. Our inventory houses used current production model turbines, compounds and flanged displacement meters. ERTH specialists refurbish these meters and parts in-house using the same vigorous repair and testing methods as applied to meters sent to our shop for rehabilitation. After this process, the meters are warranted as new. ERTH can re-manufacture most makes and models of water meters and parts including the following brands:

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As with new meters, ERTH technicians can also install re-manufactured meters and/or parts and include them in your new or current water meter maintenance program.