Water Metering Services


Water Metering

A leader in the water metering industry, ERTH provides services to municipalities and commercial/industrial customers to help manage and monitor water usage.

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When water meters are not properly tested, calibrated or repaired, they do not accurately measure use, which commonly leads to inaccurate water billing. ERTH’s innovative turnkey water management solution helps ensure accurate measurement so that no revenues are unnecessarily lost.

Complete Water Management Solution

ERTH’s Complete Water Management Solution provides many benefits including the following:

  • Register, track and monitor the water meter population
  • Test, calibrate and repair meters to ensure they are measuring correctly
  • Access our new and re-manufactured parts inventory to avoid purchasing costly new meters by refurbishing existing ones
  • Ensure adequate backflow prevention measures are in place
  • Issue timely and accurate water bills
  • Introduce dependable and user-friendly customer information systems and call centre resources essential to the day-to-day operations of your water department
  • Design, estimate, manage and report on water operations via our Quadra Work Estimating solution
  • Introduce smart water meters, from which usage can be read remotely and presented to your constituents via our water meter data management system