Water Meter Testing & Calibration


Water Meter Testing & Calibration

Since 1984 ERTH has been a leader in the water metering industry providing exceptional testing and calibrating services to customers throughout Ontario.

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Water meter testing and calibrating is necessary to ensure your meter population is reporting accurately and creating accurate water bills. As with anything, water meters require maintenance to continue performing properly. When clients have their water meters tested and calibrated, they are ensuring that bills are accurate, preventing lost revenue, and providing water meter customers certainty that the readings are correct, eliminating the risk of monetary disputes.

Why Test & Calibrate Your Water Meters?

With costs and regulations increasing, it is important that water meters are measuring accurately to prevent lost revenue. Therefore it should be very important to water distribution system operators that ICI water meters are in proper working condition.

On the production side, verification of raw and treated water throughput is mandated in the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MOEE) permits and licenses. ERTH can provide the services to ensure you are compliant with these regulations.

  • ICI meters account for less than 30% of the meter population but over 70% of the measured consumption
  • Inaccurate or stopped meters result in lost revenue
  • Reduce potential unaccounted for water
  • Reducing risk on liability for water consumption disputes
  • While testing meters additional services and inspections producing cost efficiency
  • Regular service ensures best practice and extends the life of your asset

ERTH’s Process

Our skilled and experience teams can test and calibrate your meters onsite. We use test meter modules, which are tested and calibrated regularly to ensure the highest standard of performance with no interruptions to your water supply.

For more regular maintenance we can also bring your meters to our state-of-the-art testing facility in Ingersoll with the capability of testing single to high volumes of water meters varying in size from ¾” to 10”. We test and calibrate all meters to meet AWWA and/or manufacturers’’ specifications.

Data collection and reporting is essential to ensure detailed information is provided and can be customized to meet your specific needs.