Water Meter Services / Asset Management


Asset Management / Service Database

Let ERTH help you manage your water meter data to ensure your assets are serviced regularly to maximize their life.
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With ERTH’s history in water meter service we have been keeping records in our database. Field service records are created in the service database where all of our service is recorded. We have records dating back to the year 2000. If ERTH has serviced your meter we can provide you with reports on demand.

Service Database

ERTH’s Service database tracks the following information:

  • Asset management; we can record the GPS coordinates of your water meter. All service on your asset is located in one spot.
  • Service history for our crews gives them an instant history on what service has been done previously on your water meters.
  • Water meter readings recorded as found and after service.
  • Re-dates –allows us to remind you when your meter is due for service.
  • Reports on demand. If you’ve misplaced your reports they are at our fingertips in our database.