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Billing Services

Looking to enhance your customer service while reducing your cost of delivery? ERTH delivers a proven solution which leads to excellent levels of customer service.

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ERTH has over 20 years of experience delivering billings services to utilities and municipalities. We have an incredible group of billing representatives that take tremendous pride in their work. Delivering bills accurately is critical for utilities and municipalities as the financial and reputational risk are so high. ERTH has developed custom validating, editing and estimating (VEE) tools that test for hundreds of different scenarios, all with the goal of providing a 100 % accurate bill to your customers. The rules and regulations for electric and water utilities are complex and ever changing which is why ERTH continues to augment its tools and train our staff.

Over the years, ERTH has provided both full time and temporary billing services for companies. Many organizations like the peace of mind knowing that there is a highly specialized company like ERTH taking care of billing. There are also other situations whereby short term employment disruptions such at maternity/paternity leave that create voids that need to be filled. ERTH is able to step in almost immediately to provide billing services to ensure there is no disruption in cash flow for utilities.

ERTH provides Billing Services for both conventional metered and sub-metered services:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Waste Water
  • Thermal
  • Gas

Features Checklist

The following services are all available to utilities and municipalities. Contact us for detailed pricing on a solution that best suits your needs.

  • Bill preparation and delivery
  • EBT and settlement processing
  • Billing for sub-metered companies
  • Sync operations
  • Flexible bill and/or invoice design
  • Metered or flat rate billing
  • Complex and flexible rate structures
  • E-billing
  • Specialized bill messaging & inserting
  • Bundled or unbundled rates
  • Consolidated billing
  • Extensive contingency plan
  • Privacy and security compliant

Partner with ERTH and you will receive the following:

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  • Experience: Our agents are utility and municipal billing experts
  • Contingency Plan: to ensure an effective backup of systems and people when needed
  • Accurate billing with thorough VEE (validation, editing, estimating)
  • Comprehensive Quality assurance reporting with regular status updates
  • Flexibility with a tailored program to meet your unique needs
  • Leading edge Technology
  • Timely bill generation working within your customer schedule
  • Lower Operating Costs under our shared services model

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