ERTH provides billing services for both conventional metered and sub-metered services, including:

With decades of experience, ERTH has become a leading provider of billing services to utilities and municipalities across Ontario. Since billing comes with an inherent level of financial and reputational risk, delivering bills accurately and on time is critical for utilities and municipalities.

ERTH understands the complexities and nuances related to utility billing and has developed custom validating, editing and estimating (VEE) tools that test for hundreds of different scenarios, all with the objective to provide a 100% billing accuracy. The rules and regulations for electric and water utilities are complex and ever changing which is why ERTH continues to augment its tools and train staff on a regular basis.

Our flexible billing service models include:

  • Full-Time Billing Services – Many organizations like the peace of mind knowing that there is a highly specialized company like ERTH taking care of all their billing activities. ERTH’s team of billing experts acts as an extension of your organization to deliver bills accurately and on time.
  • Temporary Billing Services – There are situations where short-term employment disruptions such as maternity/paternity leave create resource gaps that need to be bridged. ERTH is able to step in almost immediately to provide billing services to ensure there is no disruption in cash flow for utilities.

Service Features

  • Bill preparation and delivery
  • EBT and settlement processing
  • Sub-metered, metered or flat rating billing
  • eBilling
  • Sync operations
  • Billing Exceptions Management
  • Flexible bill and/or invoice design
  • Specialized bill messaging and document insertion
  • Bundled or unbundled rates
  • Consolidated billing
  • Extensive contingency plan
  • Privacy and security compliance
  • Collections Management
  • Call Centre

Service Benefits

  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Lower operating costs under our shared services model
  • Leverage leading-edge technology and industry expertise
  • Avoid Billing Disruptions with Contingency Planning
  • Quality assurance and accuracy through VEE (validation, editing and estimating)
  • Mitigate financial and reputational risk

Back-Office Services

Call Center

Providing direct personalized contact with your customers helps with so many aspects of your organization.  Beyond the regulatory requirements, there is also the reputational risk of not having the right people answering your calls.  ERTH’s team of Customer Service Representatives has extensive utility experience and can provide your customers with the assistance they need.  Whether it is dealing with lawyers and landlords for moves, customers inquiring about outages, or simply helping a customer better understand their bill, having the right team is so important.  ERTH’s Call Center can also help with resourcing constraints and vacation coverage. 

Dollar sign

Collections Management

Staying on top of your utility’s Accounts Receivable is critical for managing cash flow. Timely follow-ups and reminders work best.  In addition, you need representatives that are both compassionate and fair.  At ERTH, our team of Customer Service Representatives has years of experience in assisting customers with their arrears, whether through available assistance programs or setting up payment arrangements. ERTH uses a combination of personalized calls, letters, and notices, all done according to your utility’s arrears management policies.

Month End

Balancing your utility’s month-end can be a stressful and laborious process. ERTH works with each client to first determine the information they need for month-end purposes. This could be regulatory information, environmental reports, or internal service level agreements and metrics. In addition, ERTH works with our clients to map out how to balance your billing statistics with your financial system. With this information, ERTH mines and aggregates data from various systems to balance it and provide the data and reports needed to run your utility business.


Your data is only as good as the reports you can access. ERTH has been creating, enhancing, and augmenting reports since 2000.  ERTH often pulls data from a variety of data sources and renders the data into professional, meaningful, and usable formats. ERTH can pull data into Excel or into a formal report format. One key advantage ERTH has is an understanding of the underlying data structures and how the different data sets correlate. Whether reports are required to meet a regulatory requirement, address a billing issue, or for month-end, ERTH offers a comprehensive suite of on-demand and scheduled reports, and can produce ad hoc reports as needed.

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