Turn-key LED Street Light Upgrade Program

LED Street Light Program

ERTH’s Complete, Turn-key LED Street Light Upgrade Program provides municipalities throughout Ontario significant cost savings on street light energy and maintenance.

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ERTH’s LED Street Light Upgrade Program

ERTH’s Complete, Turn-key LED Street Light Upgrade Program is helping ease the budgetary burden on municipalities throughout Ontario. The program is the first of its kind in Ontario and was developed to complement our existing street light construction business. With over 30 years of experience and over 50 municipalities choosing our program, you can feel confident in ERTH as your partner in LED street lighting today and in the future.

Why we suggest municipalities should do an RFP for LED Street Lighting.

Read our blog on the eight critical things to ask when someone claims to have done an RFP on your behalf.


ERTH is the most experienced LED Street Light conversion company in Ontario. Our team of design experts have worked in the street light construction industry for over 30 years. ERTH’s award-winning LED Street Light program has proven superior to the competition time and time again. Be wary of the competition claiming to have researched the marketplace and procurement process on your behalf. This misleading statement could cost you significantly. Partnering with ERTH brings municipalities the most value as we will deliver the best overall price, program and service available today. Let us help save you thousands of dollars every year.

Program Benefits

  • Large savings on your street light electricity bill (over 50%)
  • Complete design/analysis
  • Complete set of photometrics
  • Brighter and cleaner street light illumination
  • Project management/administration and installation
  • ERTH’s street light software program
  • Full line of street light fixtures (rated at 100,000 hours) and photocells from a variety of suppliers to choose from
  • Payback on your investment prior to warranty expiration
  • Reduced street light pollution
  • One-stop LED upgrade including financing at municipal rates
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Rewiring of existing street light where applicable.

The Product

ERTH's LED Street Light Program provides municipalities the most choice when it comes to the product.
At ERTH, we offer municipalities choice when it comes to their LED street lighting. Rather than having one exclusive supplier, we have relationships with multiple leading LED street light manufacturers including opens in a new windowPhilips, Leotek, Autobahn, and opens in a new windowGE. ERTH will work with you to ensure all of your street lighting needs and wants are satisfied.


“After extensively reviewing the marketplace, partnering with ERTH proved to be the best choice based on their experience and ability to deliver a complete turnkey solution.” – Dan Belleau, Director of Public Works, Township of North Dundas