CBASS Online

CBASS Online

Part of ERTH Online Services, the CBASS Online allows you to have a more in-depth view into your ERTH-managed Customer Billing and Settlement System (CBASS).


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  • Enable customer service reps to securely view all of your customers’ complete consumption history and billing details.
  • Enable your customers to view their data, including latest bill and consumption, reducing the number of calls into your call centre.
  • Perform better analysis by viewing your non-interval meter data as hourly profiles.
  • CBASS Browser can be easily branded with your company logo and colours for your customers.

Search for Accounts

Quick and easy search capabilities.

Drill down through the search results.



View the latest consumption and bill information right after logging in.


Account Information

Wide-ranging information is available regarding the account, including current and historical contract details and account activities.

hourly usage

Consumption & Bills

View your current consumption details.
Download bill history for future analysis.
View historical consumption and bill history, along with hourly graph of the selected consumption or bill.

most recent usage
  • Breakdown non-hourly consumption into hourly profile.
  • Analyze actual consumption vs. estimated consumption.
  • Hour-by-Hour comparison of actual cost to predicted cost.
usage graph with hover tool tip usage graph with zoom tool


Zoom into any of the graphs by simply dragging the edges.

The values are displayed upon hovering on a data point.

Groups and Aggregates

  • Create custom groups of accounts and see your total energy costs at a group level.
  • Easily manage your groups at anytime.
  • Analyze the information to see where you can reduce costs.


Compare your costs month-over-month or month-over-year.