Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability Commitment

ERTH Corporation is a dynamic group of companies that delivers products and services within the energy, water and municipal sectors. Given our involvement in providing essential services and the key role we play in our local communities, we recognize the importance of sustainable business practices.

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Since our inception in 2000, sustainability has been ingrained in our founding principles, which include local presence and employment and a commitment to the social, environmental and economic needs of our customers, employees and shareholder communities. We believe that these principles are key ingredients in building stronger communities and a more sustainable business.

We understand that our actions impact the communities in which we operate. We also understand that this impact will affect future generations and the prosperity of our shareholder communities. It is important to recognize that the scope of sustainability stretches much further than simply conservation and environmental preservation. Therefore, sustainability to ERTH means promoting business practices that are sustainable from an environmental, social and economic perspective.

At ERTH, respecting the environment means introducing sustainable practices into our workplace thereby minimizing our impact on the environment. To date, ERTH has implemented a number of sustainable initiatives, some which include:

  • Installing solar panels at two of ERTH’s operating centres (more information found at opens in a new windowhere)
  • Introducing hybrid vehicles into ERTH’s vehicle fleet
  • Introduction of eBilling and other paperless avenues to customer enrolment and payment
  • Use of electronic document archiving to decrease paper consumption
  • Installation of energy efficient lighting in 75% of company offices, operating centres and warehouses
  • Worked with local electrical contractors for the proper environmental dispose of flurescent ballasts and lamps

In 2012, ERTH formalized its commitment to sustainability through the release of the 2012 Sustainability Report which included the implementation of a short-term sustainability plan for 2013 and the development of a long-term sustainability plan that will be launched in the upcoming year.

Even though we have grown significantly since 2000, we remain true to our founding principles and we will continue to embrace sustainability as it is an expression of our core values. This commitment to sustainability is the best way to ensure the future prosperity of ERTH and its shareholder communities. We encourage you to review our latest opens in a new windowSustainability Reportopens PDF file to see all of ERTH’s accomplishments to date. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments by e-mailcreate new email.