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Go from Estimate to Purchase Order

When Bids are won, it is critical that you manage your material, sub-contractors and rentals. Whether you order from one supplier, multiple suppliers, or use your own stock and need it committed, effectively managing your purchasing process is vital. Quadra eliminates duplicate entry and keying errors by automatically creating one or many POs in GP allowing you to compare multiple suppliers simultaneously before you order ensuring you get the supplier you want at the price you want. Quadra also helps eliminate delays in projects as the correct material will arrive on the job each and every time. Quadra manages the entire Bid-to-Invoice process saving time and money.

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From Estimate to Purchase Order


Why create your Purchase Orders and Sales Orders from your Estimate?

  • Eliminate Duplicate entry
  • Eliminate Input Errors
  • Commits inventory immediately
  • Identify Back Orders
  • Commits contractors and rentals preventing unnecessary product delays

Track Contractor Rates

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Once you have negotiated rates with contractors, Quadra can create Purchase Orders automatically to reflect the negotiated rates. This includes any type of contractors including rentals. The Purchase Orders create directly into your Financial system avoiding all duplicate entry and tracking of rates.

Import Supplier Provided Material Lists


For many businesses, pricing is provided directly from the manufacturer or supplier on bid by bid bases. They email you the pricing for specific jobs and you then add them to your estimate. You then need to either create those items in your inventory system or simply create a Purchase Order and key in those items. With Quadra you can either import the items directly to your estimate and then go from your Estimate to a Purchase Order or you can import directly to your estimate and auto create the items in your inventory system. This saves time and eliminates the data entry errors.

Real-Time Updates

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Review and compare in Real-Time production quantities and costs for labor hours, sub-contractors, material, equipment and rentals. Instead of waiting for weeks or months to know how well your jobs are performing, you can stay on top of your jobs with customizable dashboards and Real-Time alerts.

Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Technology today makes it easy for updates to be done in the field. Whether you are updating the status of a job, adding comments and updating pictures or viewing your Bill of Materials, Quadra’s easy to use user interface will simplify the collection of your field data.