Solar & Wind Energy

As an electrical contractor, ERTH is committed to providing services and solutions that help provide a sustainable future for our communities.

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With the ever increasing costs of electricity, interest in renewable energy is rapidly expanding across North America. Since the inception of the Green Energy Act in Ontario, ERTH has been working with developers across Ontario. From large scale Solar/Wind farm operations to smaller commercial and residential systems. ERTH has been able to provide its expertise and service offerings to see projects through from approval and procurement to collector systems and high voltage grid tie connections along with utility metering and settlement. Our company has over 100 years of experience in providing energy to customers in Ontario.

Solar Energy

ERTH provides turn-key solar installations including all aspects of design, approvals, construction, grid connections, metering and commissioning. Our experts can save you both time and money with our extensive resources in solar equipment, manufacturing, engineering, utility operations and installers.

ERTH has partnered with leading solar panel and racking manufacturers for both stationary (roof top or ground mount) and solar energy trackers.

Key benefits of solar energy trackers:

  • Suntracking produces up to 25% more kWh/kw (relative to fixed tilt non-tracking PV panels)
  • Wide base produces lowest mounting loads
  • “Load n Tilt” design accelerates installation
  • Fully instrumented and internet monitored
  • All aluminium construction 25+ year life

For rooftop solar installations, ERTH utilizes supplies from opens in a new windowSunrise Power Corporation. Sunrise Power manufactures, markets and distributes SolarDock’s high performance PV racking systems that require no penetration of roof surfaces.

ERTH also uses SolarVu, which is a web energy portal for managing distributed solar power generation systems to include monitoring power generation systems to include monitoring power generation, revenue, efficiency, payback and carbon footprint. opens in a new windowSee SolarVu in action by clicking here.

Wind Energy

As a respected high voltage contractor and registered MSP (meter service provider), ERTH has delivered gird tie solutions for wind projects across Ontario. ERTH helped commission one of Ontario’s first wind projects located in Ferndale on the Northern Bruce Peninsula. Considered an industry leader in high voltage maintenance and metering services in this province, we bring more than 15 years of experience in designing, installing and commissioning wind projects.

Services include:

  • Design and installation gird tie connections
  • Metering & settlement services (registered MSP)
  • Cable termination and splicing
  • Material procurement
  • Overhead and underground electrical collector systems