Quotes & Bids


Quotes & Bids

Quadra allows you to customize templates for individual customers, sales reps, territories and business units. Keep your quotes and bids in a central location so that they are easily accessible for everyone that needs them!

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The majority of the work performed by your business starts with a quote or a bid. It is important that your bids are presented in a clear and easily readable format. It is also important that that format is what the customer is expecting. With Quadra’s Quotes and Bids tool, quotes can be printed or emailed with the click of a button. You don’t need to import files into your desktop applications and then reformat, which can often lead to inconsistency and errors.

Create one page quotes or multi page contracts in a click


Create and save multiple versions of your quotes

The quoting process often involves several iterations. Customers may want to see jobs priced with different options or they many simply want items removed to lower the price. In all circumstances maintaining both versions of the quotes you produced along with the one the customer has accepted is critical to ensuring the jobs are completed and invoiced correctly.

Approvals and Quotes

Quadra tracks all aspects of your Quote and Bid process from your internal pricing approvals through to signed customer contracts. All the files and documents are kept and stored in one spot of easy access.


Dashboard Sales Reports

Track all your sales forecasts and reporting in our Report Dashboard. Keep track of all your successful quotes and reward your top performers.