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Quadra Service Contract Estimating

Quadra Service Contract Estimating is a powerful web application that is fully integrated with KEY2ACT. Quickly create quotes, add equipment, add tasks, material and adjust technician levels, frequency and for factors such as snow to create the contract that works best for your customers.

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Using Quadra Service Contract Estimating, you can modify your service contracts by adjusting a number of different factors such as Gross Margin by Pay Role, Material, Equipment etc. You can also modify Gross Margin by Year of the Contract or any of other factor over the entire contract. Furthermore, you can adjust the dollars on the contract and even the sales commission. Download our brochure to learn more.opens PDF file

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Tools to Simplify the Process

The system predicts which parts may be required for certain tasks. It does this using previous jobs on the same type of equipment.

The system will automatically calculate travel costs based on the required trips and the distance from the shop to the customer.

advantages of integrationFully Integrated with KEY2ACT

Quadra Service Contract Estimating is fully integrated with KEY2ACT. Customers, Equipment Records, Locations, Sub Locations are all pulled from KEY2ACT when they exist. In addition, these items can be added to new Estimates instead. Once approved, the items are pushed into KEY2ACT. All tasks and materials are automatically inserted in KEY2ACT when the service contracts are approved.

Advantages of Integration – Quicker sales!

Integrated systems have many advantages over disparate ones. Typical advantages of an integrated system include eliminating duplicate entry, eliminating keying errors, avoiding pricing errors and managing version control. As a result, it is important that integration is done intelligently and that streamlining the sales process is the system’s design focus. That way your systems can work for you to speed up the sales process and drive sales. Systems that can be quickly tweaked and adjusted to meet the customers’ requirements in minutes instead of hours puts your company ahead of the competition. When your sales team has the correct information then you can be confident empowering them to drive the sales process and close more business for you. Approving contracts is done in real-time for your sales team. Therefore, your managers can see every transaction from the sales team and assist in real-time.