Quadra Service Call Quoting

Quadra Service Call Quoting

Quadra Service Call Quoting is a mobile application that works on any mobile device. The tool is designed to empower your technicians to identify opportunities in the field and communicate that back to the office or create the quote directly in the field. Customers can be emailed the quote or can sign directly on the mobile device.

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Increase your Sales Force by Empowering your Technicians

Your service technicians are the face of your company. Technicians spend the most time with your customers and ultimately determine how your company is perceived. The Quadra Service Call Quoting tool will empower them to identify all of the sales opportunities and make recommendations to your customers about required work. Those recommendations include the estimated parts and labor required to resolve the problem. The recommendation(s) can be converted to a quote either by your technician or by a sales representative. It is then approved by your customers. Many times this can be done in the field with the customer in front of the equipment in need of repair. The customer can be emailed the quote or approve it directly on the technician’s mobile device. Once approved, a service call is automatically created. Consequently, this saves time and money while driving more sales for your business. Download our brochure to learn more.opens PDF file

Happy Customers are Repeat Customers

More and more, customers are looking for improved service. That means they want, what they want when they want it. Customers don’t want to wait for information about their account. Quadra’s Service Call Quoting tool will give your customers access to data instantly, such as their project status. Using Quadra’s Service Call Quoting, customers can see the list of recommendations on their equipment to determine budgets for future years. They can also view the history of completed quotes and the equipment that is at their facilities. If you customers are getting what they want, why would they look elsewhere?

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It has to be simple

Of course, technicians should not be wasting time on a mobile app. The app has to be easy to use and extremely intuitive. The technician also has to want to use the app. Because of this, Quadra uses templates to create recommendations and quotes and allows your technicians to easily adjust hours and parts lists. Once completed, they can request an approval from the office. They can also simply convert the recommendation into a quote and have the customer sign it right in the field. The system tracks the technician’s performance and uses a dashboard to incentivize the technicians to drive more sales for your company.

Fully Integrated with Key2Act

Quadra Service Call Quoting is fully integrated with KEY2ACT. Customers, Equipment Records, Locations, Sub Locations are all pulled from KEY2ACT when they exist. In addition, these items can be added to new Estimates instead. Once approved, the items are pushed into KEY2ACT. All tasks and materials are automatically inserted in KEY2ACT when the service contracts are approved. Your office staff will see in real-time each field quote and either approve or adjust as necessary sending instant feedback to your technicians. Material pricing is pulled directly from Key2Act to eliminate discrepancies.

Advantages of Integration – Quicker sales!

Integrated systems have many advantages over disparate ones. Typical advantages of an integrated system include eliminating duplicate entry, eliminating keying errors, avoiding pricing errors and managing version control. As a result, it is important that integration is done intelligently and that streamlining the sales process is the system’s design focus. That way your systems can work for you to speed up the sales process and drive sales. Systems that can be quickly tweaked and adjusted to meet the customers’ requirements in minutes instead of hours puts your company ahead of the competition. When your sales team has the correct information then you can be confident empowering them to drive the sales process and close more business for you. Approving contracts is done in real-time for your sales team. Therefore, your managers can see every transaction from the sales team and assist in real-time.

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