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Estimates to Bids

The majority of the work performed by your business starts with an estimate. How successful your business is on each job depends on how well you are estimating. Quadra streamlines the Estimate to Bid process eliminating the guess work so that your estimators can focus on estimating and not doing data entry.

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Create Complex Estimates Accurately and Efficiently

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Create Estimates from:

  • Assemblies
  • Construction Units
  • Templates
  • Import from CSV
  • Import Supplier Files
  • From AutoCAD

Real-Time Pricing


Without access to Real-Time pricing you are guessing and not Estimating. Quadra integrates with your inventory module pulling prices and stock levels in Real-Time. You can also import material items and prices directly from your suppliers ensuring you have 100% accurate estimates. If you copy estimates or have a Bid with expired pricing, you can refresh prices with the click of your mouse. Quadra also support Divisional pricing for Enterprise organizations.

Approvals and Quotes


Whether it is a manager approving pricing on a bid or a customer signing off on a quote, Quadra logs and tracks every action taken on a job. With multiple approval thresholds you can customize your Approvals to match your business practices. With Quadra’s bid generator, you can have any number of customized bid documents ranging from a simple one pager to complex contracts. [image of a proposal]

Push only approved bids to your Job Cost System


The seamless integration with your Job Cost system eliminates duplicate data entry, user errors and saves time for your entire team. When Bids are won they are pushed into your Job Cost system with all the granular details allowing you to start tracking costs and ordering materials. Think of the time this will save your estimators, sales resources and accounting team.
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