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One Solution for all your Quoting Needs

adv of integrationQuadra simplifies the sales process within your organization. It has three quoting engines that offer strong solutions for quoting large jobs, service maintenance contracts and field quotes. These engines are fully integrated with KEY2ACT and provide you with a clear picture of your customer activity. Using Quadra allows your sales and operation teams to work together on various initiatives that will drive sales. Quadra is also a bonus for your customers as they can view all of their account activity and approve quotes either online or in the field. Furthermore, Quadra is easily adapted to work any CRM system to perform more quotes in less time. Lastly, with real-time integration your sales and operation teams are working with up-to-date and accurate pricing leading to more accurate and competitive quotes.

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Advantages of Integration – Quicker Sales!

Integrated systems have many advantages over disparate ones. Typical advantages of an integrated system include eliminating duplicate entry, eliminating keying errors, avoiding pricing errors and managing version control. It is important that systems are intelligently integrated and the focus of the design is to streamline the sales process. That way your systems can work for you to speed up the sales process and drive sales. Systems that can be quickly tweaked and adjusted to meet the customers’ requirements in minutes instead of hours puts your company ahead of the competition. When your sales team has the correct information then you can be confident empowering them to drive the sales process and close more business for you. The process of approving contracts from your sales team is done in real-time. Also, your managers can see every transaction from the sales team and assist in real-time.

Pick and Choose the Tools You Need

Quadra’s three modules work together or they can work on their own. Our team will help you select the best package to satisfy your needs. It all starts with the Quadra Foundation Module and from there you can quickly add more features and modules. The Foundation Module sets up your users, roles, and securities. It is easily configured and customized to adjust with your business needs.