Newmarket-Tay Power Utility Billing, Bill Design and Print

  • Customer: Newmarket-Tay Power

  • Location: Newmarket, ON

  • Industry: Electric Utility

About the Project

Newmarket-Tay Power (NT Power), which services 50,000 customers in the Town of Newmarket, Town of Midland and Tay Township, contracted ERTH Corporation in early 2022 to provide managed utility billing services.

Since NT Power operates on a monthly billing schedule, the workload is highly concentrated over a small timeframe each month, creating resourcing challenges and strain on their billing team. Leveraging ERTH’s utility billing expertise and experienced team of billers, NT Power was able to streamline their billing process to adhere to their intensive monthly billing schedule. With ERTH now managing the billing requirements, NT Power is able to redirect their focus toward improving customer care and communications.

As part of their ongoing efforts to enhance the customer experience, NT Power also worked with ERTH to develop a modernized bill design that meets the requirements of the Ontario Energy Board, while providing a user-friendly, accessible layout.

During the discovery phase of the bill design project, NT Power advised ERTH that they required a two-page bill presenting both water and electricity charges with multiple meters. NT Power also wanted to incorporate visual elements such as graphs and icons to create a user-friendly layout that would allow customers to better understand their bill and make informed choices.

ERTH’s design team presented multiple variations of a bill concept, which NT Power requested only minor revisions to. Upon approval, ERTH’s development team went to work coding the new bill design and running test scenarios to ensure accuracy.

The end result is a dynamic two-page bill design that is visually appealing. The new bill is now in its final quality assurance phase and is anticipated to be rolled out to customers in Q1 2023.

NT Power redesigned utility bill concept

“ERTH has been a true partner throughout the migration of our billing services. We have the confidence of knowing our billing services are in the hands of an experienced team. We are excited to continue improving the customer experience with the rollout of our dynamic new bill design in 2023.”

– Ysni Semsedini, President and CEO, Newmarket-Tay Power

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