GrandBridge Energy Temporary Billing Support

  • Customer: GrandBridge Energy

  • Location: Brantford, ON

  • Industry: Electric Utility

About the Project

Grand Bridge Energy Inc. (formerly Energy+ and Brantford Power) recently had an integral resource retire, leaving a vacancy to fill.  With the ongoing merger this would put additional strain on the team to hire and train a new resource in the midst of integration. GrandBridge reached out to ERTH and ERTH was able to provide a part-time billing resource. The transition with ERTH was relatively seamless as both companies use the same platforms.  Having access to qualified resources on a part-time basis can be very helpful and can minimize costs for all parties in providing the ability to share staff.

“We were able to shore up our billing with an experienced biller in a matter of weeks. This helped take the pressure off of our team during our merger.”

Brennan Crellin, Manager Billing, GrandBridge Energy

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