Festival Hydro Metering Field Services Support

  • Customer: Festival Hydro

  • Location: Stratford, ON

  • Industry: Electric Utility

About the Project

In 2021, Festival Hydro, the distributor of electrical power to approximately 20,000 customers in the municipalities of Stratford, Brussels, Dashwood, Hensall, St. Marys, Seaforth and Zurich, reached out to ERTH Corporation for MSP (Meter Service Provider) services.

Festival Hydro was seeking MSP services from ERTH to support their metering field services work due to resource needs. With over twenty years of metering experience, ERTH confidently stepped in to support Festival Hydro’s metering field service requirements, including:

  • retrieving meter data files for settlement purposes due to non-communication issues
  • new transformer type meter installations
  • single and polyphase meter changes
  • meter and modem programming
  • 2.5 to 3 element meter installation upgrades

The MSP partnership immediately provided Festival Hydro with metering system reliability and compliance.

“ERTH has become a trusted extension of our team for wholesale and retail metering field services. Festival Hydro relies on ERTH to ensure system reliability, accuracy and compliance to the IESO Metering Market Rules.”

Tony Vanden Boomen, Metering and Stations Manager at Festival Hydro

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