London Dundas Flex Street Lighting Project

London Dundas Flex Street Lighting Project

Client: Amico Infrastructures Inc.

Location: London, ON

Industry: General Contractor Partnership

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About the Project

Street view of London Dundas Place flex streetIn the Spring of 2018, construction began on the multi-year Dundas Place Flex Street project in London, Ontario. Amico Infrastructures Inc., one of five bidders, was awarded the contract to complete one of the largest downtown core infrastructure projects in London’s history. As London’s first flex street, Dundas Place is designed to close to traffic for community, cultural and entertainment events.

As part of the project, Amico Infrastructures Inc. contracted ERTH Infrastructure to install an efficient LED street lighting system, as well as bury underground hydro. Featuring a sleek and modern design, the LED street lighting system installed by ERTH adds to the overall beauty and appeal of the downtown space, while providing efficiency and cost savings for the municipality.

With its beauty, flexibility and uniqueness, Dundas Place Flex Street will have a positive effect on the city’s identity and culture, while attracting tourists from near and far for years to come.


“ERTH Infrastructure contracting provided dedicated professional personnel while ensuring tight project timelines were met for this large municipal street lighting project. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ERTH on future strategic projects.”

– Harrie Van Dyk, Divisional Manager, Amico Infrastructures Inc.