Print and Mail Services | COVID-19 Pandemic

ERTH has been approached by a number of utilities inquiring into our Print and Mail capabilities.  Many are looking for alternatives should their current solution fail or simply looking at alternatives to keep staff working remotely during the pandemic.  Our facilities are remaining open and we have implemented multiple shifts which extends our hours of operation, increases our capacity and improves our resiliency.  ERTH currently prints over 500,000 pieces a month for 13 Ontario utilities.

Q: What types of file formats do we accept

A: We can process PDF or other Print ready files or we can render flat files   into statements and PDF’s for you.

Q: How much lead time is needed?

A: If we are receiving print ready files then we can generally be up and running in a couple of days once we receive the consumables.  If we are  rendering a flat file into a statement, then it generally takes a couple of weeks to complete the design and testing.

Q: Do we still qualify for incentive rates and are there any delivery delays with Canada Post

A: Yes, if you  are already receiving the incentive rates then that will continue and  there are no delays in delivery with Canada Post and all mail is centrally sorted.

Contact Information

Todd Ross
Director | Customer Relations
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