Minister Smith Joins ERTH Corporation and Utility Partners for a Joint Green Button Solution Launch

The ERTH GB Connector Powered by Savage Data Systems will provide more than 600,000 energy consumers with Green Button data access

Savage Northstar ERTH PartnershipMount Elgin, ON – Energy Minister Todd Smith today joined ERTH Corporation and several utility partners to launch the Green Button solution that will soon provide more than 600,000 consumers across Ontario with access to Green Button data.

The ERTH GB Connector Powered by Savage Data Systems manages the requirements of the Green Button standard, while working with NorthStar and SilverBlaze to connect the customer and billing data that is required.

In partnership with Savage Data Systems and NorthStar Utilities Solution, ERTH is implementing the ERTH GB Connector solution for 24 Ontario LDCs, including: Centre Wellington Hydro Ltd., Cooperative Hydro Embrun Inc., Elexicon Energy, Entegrus Powerlines Inc., EPCOR Electricity Distribution Ontario Inc., ERTH Power Corporation, GrandBridge Energy, Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc., Grimsby Power Incorporated, Hearst Power Distribution Company Limited, Hydro 2000 Inc., Hydro Hawkesbury Inc., Innpower Corporation, Lakeland Power Distribution Ltd., Milton Hydro, Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro Inc., Northern Ontario Wires Inc., Orangeville Hydro Limited, Ottawa River Power Corporation, Renfrew Hydro Inc., Rideau St. Lawrence Distribution Inc., Tillsonburg Hydro Inc., Wasaga Distribution Inc. Representatives from 13 of the 24 LDCs were in attendance for the joint Green Button solution launch, further demonstrating the collaborative effort and shared commitment to the Green Button initiative.

“Elexicon Energy is excited to partner with proven solution providers ERTH Corp, Savage Data Systems and NorthStar Utilities Solutions to bring Green Button data to our customers,” said Indrani Butany-DeSouza, President and Chief Executive Officer of Elexicon Energy. “Leveraging the ERTH GB Connector solution, we will be able to provide our customers with convenient and secure access to Green Button data so they can make better informed decisions about their energy use.”

“ERTH Power Corporation is thrilled to be among the first utilities in the province to achieve the North American Energy Board’s ESPI version 3.3 Green Button certification leveraging the ERTH GB Connector Powered by Savage Data Systems,” said Graig Pettit, Vice President and General Manager of ERTH Power Corporation. The solution not only satisfies the Green Button data requirements of the provincial government, but also opens the doors for further collaboration amongst Ontario LDCs.”

About ERTH Corporation:

ERTH Corporation is a diverse company with origins in the utility industry. Owned by nine municipal shareholders, ERTH has grown to be a leading provider of products and services in many industries including utility, energy retailer, municipal, and commercial and industrial to name a few. With customers across North America, ERTH is committed to improving the overall customer experience while helping to lower operating and maintenance expenses for our customers. ERTH has offices throughout southwestern Ontario including Ingersoll, Aylmer, Thorndale and Goderich.

About Savage Data Systems:

With a focus on the Ontario energy sector, Savage Data Systems has active customer relationships with most of the local distribution companies in Ontario. With several products that focus on the energy sector Savage Data continues to flourish. Savage Data Systems has a strong focus on Meter Data Management, Outage Management, Asset Management and Data Analytics.  Savage is a Participating Member of the Green Button Alliance.


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