Measurement & Conservation


Energy Services

ERTH’s Energy services can help your utility, municipality, or company ensure you’re operating efficiently and not losing revenue or wasting resources.


ERTH has a deep understanding of utility and municipal needs as we own our own local distribution company (ERTH Power) and have eight municipal shareholders. Utilities and municipalities need to ensure that electricity and water are being measured accurately in order to bill accurately. In addition, if the resources are not being measured accurately, it’s impossible to know if they’re being used wisely. You can trust ERTH’s experts to provide exceptional third party measurement and conservation consulting.

Electric Metering Services

ERTH has been a pioneer in 21st century electric metering. We have been the relied upon source of meter verification in Ontario servicing local distribution companies (LDCs), meter manufacturers and property management organizations since 2000. Our Accredited Meter Verification shop is one-of-a-kind and is the first one in Canada to be accredited by Measurements Canada to perform compliance sampling under S-S-06 regulations. We were also the first company to become a registered MSP (#1001) by the IESO.

Water Metering Services

When water meters are not properly tested, calibrated or repaired, they do not accurately measure use, which commonly leads to inaccurate water billing. ERTH’s innovative turnkey water management solution helps ensure accurate measurement so that no revenues are unnecessarily lost. Follow the links below to learn more about our water metering services.


ERTH’s conservation team provides the Conservation and Demand Management services to our local distribution company, ERTH Power. In addition, we provide consulting for energy and water conservation to other utilities, companies and municipalities.