Leading the Way: Savage Data Systems, the backbone to the ERTH GB Connector, becomes the first NAESB ESPI v3.3 Green Button certified solution in Ontario

ERTH GB Connect Powered By Savage Data Systems logoThe countdown to November 1, 2023 has begun and utilities across the province are busy planning their path to Green Button Certification and their Green Button Launch to give energy consumers more tools to lower their utility bills and meet the requirements of O. Reg 633/21: ENERGY DATA. Savage Data Systems’ Data Custodian is the first solution in Ontario to be tested by the Green Button Alliance and successfully complete the Certification process for Green Button Download My Data (DMD) and Connect My Data (CMD) supporting NAESB ESPI version 3.3 for electricity (including some optional Function Blocks), gas and water consumption data.

To support utilities with implementation of their Green Button solutions, ERTH Corporation and Savage Data Systems joined forces to provide a seamless, secure and cost-effective Green Button Solution.  ERTH offers its GB Connector to facilitate the user experience while Savage Data Systems offers its GB Data Custodian to provide a comprehensive solution.

As Ontario’s first certified Green Button standard-compliant solution using v3.3, the Savage Data Systems Data Custodian advances the ERTH GB Connector to the front of the pack.  Leveraging existing ODS and CIS technologies to securely connect customers and third parties with the consumer’s energy and billing data are fundamental parts of this winning recipe.

By leveraging proven technology and trusted solution providers, the ERTH GB Connector powered by Savage Data Systems improves interoperability and security posture, while mitigating cost and risk associated with third party API integration, ongoing data synchronization and licensing.  Consumer data remains within existing systems, and is available in real-time.

From an end user perspective, the customer portal remains the same, providing a seamless, user-friendly experience for energy consumers.

Using the ERTH GB Connector powered by Savage Data Systems, ERTH Power will be among the first utilities in the province to offer standard-compliant Green Button data to its customers in the Spring of 2022.

Learn more about ERTH’s Green Button solution.

About ERTH Corporation
ERTH Corporation is a diverse company with origins in the utility industry. Owned by nine municipal shareholders, ERTH has grown to be a leading provider of products and services in many industries including utility, energy retailer, municipal, and commercial and industrial to name a few. With customers across North America, ERTH is committed to improving the overall customer experience while helping to lower operating and maintenance expenses for our customers. ERTH has offices throughout southwestern Ontario including Ingersoll, Aylmer, Thorndale and Goderich.

About Savage Data Systems
With a focus on the Ontario energy sector, Savage Data Systems has active customer relationships with most of the local distribution companies in Ontario. With several products that focus on the energy sector Savage Data continues to flourish. Savage Data Systems has a strong focus on Meter Data Management, Wholesale/Retail Settlement, Outage Management, Asset Management and Data Analytics.  Savage is a Participating Member of the Green Button Alliance.

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