Job Tracking


Real-Time Job Tracking

Real-Time tracking of variances between the estimated and actual costs allows you to react quickly to potential cost overruns. Gain added control with customizable alerts and manage multiple jobs with ease.

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Project Management

Quadra's project screen captures job tracking abilities

Manage Projects With Ease Through Quadra’s Job Tracking Functionality

  • Templates
  • Alerts
  • Perquisite Tasks
  • Link Tasks to other Jobs
  • Assign to users or groups
  • Track Approvals
  • Link files and comments
  • 100% audit logging
  • Security

Real-Time Updates

Review and compare in real-time production quantities and costs for labor hours, sub-contractors, material, equipment and rentals. Instead of waiting for weeks or months to know how well your jobs are performing, you can stay on top of your jobs with customizable dashboards and real-time alerts. Click here to view the the Quadra video for more information on Quadra’s job tracking and real-time updating functionalities.

Quadra project alerts help job tracking

Mobile Access

Technology today makes it easy for updates to be done in the field. Whether you are updating the status of a job, adding comments and updating pictures or viewing your Bill of Materials, Quadra’s easy to use user interface will simplify the collection of your field data.

Mobile Access for job tracking

Progress Reporting

When you need to monitor multiple projects and ensure critical resources are optimized, it is critical to have all the necessary information, required to make those decision, at your fingertips. To keep your jobs running smoothly, make sure you have all the right resources available.

job tracking and progress reporting