Infrastructure Partners

ERTH Partnerships

ERTH has strategic partnerships and affiliations with various vendors worldwide to give customers the confidence and freedom to achieve success in their organization.

ERTH has close relationships with various partners to help us reach and support our clients throughout North America. Our partnership program includes referrals, resellers and alliance partnerships. In addition, ERTH is a sales representative for the following leading Equipment Manufacturers.

Infrastructure Partners

Philips Lumec (LED Street Lights)

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With over 34 billion dollars in yearly revenue, 114,000 employees worldwide, and a presence in more than 100 countries it’s no wonder they’re recognized as a global leader. Philips proudly offers the broadest selection of industry leading components for outdoor LED lighting. With Philips Lumec LED Corbra Head Luminaires, you can rest easy knowing you have upgraded your system with reliable, LED roadway lighting. Their luminaires are favourably priced and easily retrofit into existing infrastructures.

GE (LED Street Lights)

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GE was born from the invention of the world’s first affordable incandescent lamp. Today, GE is a world leader in the outdoor lighting industry. LED street lighting is changing the landscape of outdoor lighting and GE offers hundreds of roadway, street and outdoor LED fixtures to meet your specific applications. In 2014, their annual sales exceeded 100 billion dollars worldwide. Therefore in selecting GE products, you know you’re in great company.