Flexible Billing Methods


Flexible Billing Methods

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ERTH’s Solution

Our billing platform leverages ERTH’s market expertise, infrastructure, and relationships with utilities to process electronic business transactions. In addition, it manages complex data processing such as bill calculations on behalf of retailers. Every retailer has different requirements. As such, ERTH customizes its retail managed service to accommodate specific retailer requirements such as contract details, data exchange specifications, system capabilities and business rules.

ERTH’s Managed Billing Services

The Managed Billing Services employ ERTH’s advanced billing engine (CBASS) that captures and processes all electronic business transactions flowing between a retailers and its trading partners. CBASS makes sure┬áthat transactions adhere to specific rules. With the ability to bill numerous and complex contract types, CBASS also ensures retailer bills are calculated accurately and in a timely manner while ensuring that retail remittance and/or settlements are accurate.

To accommodate daily, on-going market activities, transactions are continuously driven through the system with regular monitoring to check whether new transactions are available for processing. In addition, ERTH handles the configuration, management and hosting of production hardware and software components as required.

Managed Billing Service Success Rate

ERTH’s managed billing services can turn around bills in less than 90 minutes with a 99.99% utility acceptance rate. This success is due to a combination of market-proven software systems and highly trained operational staff and support processes.