ERTH’s Charity Golf Invitational

9th June 2016 all-day
Ingersoll Golf Club
51 Holcroft St W
Ingersoll, ON N5C 3P7
Sarah Goldie
519-518-6117 x 285

Join us for ERTH’s 11th Annual Charity Golf Invitational in support of the opens in a new windowCanadian Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) Network. FOP is an ultra-rare orphan disease which progressively turns muscles and connective tissue to bone, in other words turning people (mostly children) with a healthy mind into human statues. Diagnosis of FOP is often missed due to lack of awareness. opens in a new windowVisit the Canadian FOP Network’s website for further information.

ERTH's Charity Golf Invitational 2015ERTH’s Charity Golf tournaments have raised over $110,000 for charitable organizations including opens in a new windowALS Society of Canada, opens in a new windowRonald McDonald House SWO Charities, opens in a new windowSunshine Foundation, and many more.

For registration and sponsorship information for our annual charity golf tournament, contact Eustacia Young at 519-518-6117 x 285 or by e-mailcreate new email.

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