ERTH Connects 2020

ERTH Connects Virtually in 2020. Join us as ERTH takes ERTH Connects 2020 virtual with a series of CIS and Quadra session that you won't want to miss. We look forward to bringing together customers from various utilities to connect, network and share ideas and solutions related to Customer Service, Industry Regulations, Operations and Information Technology.

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9:30 AM | Enhanced Job Cost Budget Reporting


Learn how Halton Hills Hydro plans to utilize Quadra’s new enhanced job cost report for their 5-year capital plan and budget.

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11:00 AM | Quadra’s Latest Features


Get to know Quadra’s latest release features that include:

  • Reporting Engine
  • Online Forms
  • PM tab improvements for emailing attachments
  • Automatic task alerts for assigned groups
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9:30 AM | New Collections Processes


Gain insights to the New Collections program available in NorthStar and lessons that ERTH has learned in it’s implementation

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11:00 AM | What’s New in 6.6


Discover what the NorthStar development team have been up to and better understand how you can apply some of the new features offered in v6.6 within your orginaztion. In addition, gain insights from the ERTH Team on our experience testing the latest platform.

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9:30 AM | Quadra Roadmap and Roundtable Session


Have your say during our Quadra roadmap and roundtable session where customers get to discuss and share best practices as well as see next year’s development

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11:00 AM | Integrating Photos and Videos to your Utilities Work Flows with XOi

XOi is a leading provider of software for Technicians. This presentation will review examples of how XOi can be used to assist with training, verification and support for all your utility technicians from Powerline to Meter.

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9:30 AM | Facilitating Customer Choice


Join us in a collaborative session to discuss lessons learned and best practices with respect to the Customer Choice initiative.

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11:00 AM | Contact Management


Looking to understand the new Contact Management functionality available in NorthStar 6.6…. then you won’t want to miss this session! Learn about setup requirements and how to leverage this new feature.

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9:30 AM | Quadra Training Session: Report Writing using our new Engine

Learn how to create the reports that you have always wanted using our new reporting engine built right inside Quadra!

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12:00 PM | Pizza Lunch

Join us for a virtual pizza lunch at noon! It’s on us! Gather your team and let us know how many will be joining in the fun.

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12:15 AM | Lunch Team Trivia

Who doesn’t love trivia? Sign up your team for a fun 45 minutes of trivia. Compete as a team with prizes going to the winning team.

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9:30 AM | Meter Data Management


Learn how you can leverage the NorthStar system to perform your Meter Compliance Sampling, re-verification processes and manage Meter Sub-Groups.

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