EOS – ERTH Online Services

EOS – ERTH Online Services

Providing all of the back office support allowing you to focus on growing your business & increasing profitability.

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ERTH’s customers have access to a suite of powerful, web-based applications called ERTH Online Services (EOS) that securely provides detailed visibility into all market transactions and historical data. These applications are intuitive, user-friendly and easily customizable to address your unique business processes.

EOS applications quickly provide your customer service representatives (CSRs) with all of the data they require to help them answer any incoming customer calls regarding past or present bills and/or consumption details.

If you are a retail supplier that operates in both Canada in the U.S. then EOS is a great way to get a global view of your business. EOS can consolidate databases for all states or provinces including electricity and natural gas.

The applications can also be co-branded with your company logo and colour scheme providing you with a secure portal to extend to your commercial and industrial customers. This allows them to view their historical billing and consumption data.

CBASS Online

CBASS Online - Retail Energy Supplier Application

CBASS Online is a comprehensive Customer Information System (CIS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that enables energy suppliers to manage their customers and products.

Key features of CBASS Online:

  • Quickly view individual customers’ historical and current consumption usage and bills
  • Detailed visibility into all market transactions including matching bills with consumption remittances
  • Fully featured ticketing system where CSRs and/or managers can assign “to-do” items or tasks to others to complete with status tracking capabilities
  • Document repository to store contracts, sales collateral, pricing sheets, news, announcements, etc.
  • Third Party Verification integration where captured IVR calls are saved as .wav files in the customer account page allowing for fast and easy retrieval by CSRs

CBASS Executive

CBASS Executives - Retail Energy Supplier ApplicationIn order to provide busy managers and executives with key information they need about the health of their business, ERTH utilizes the latest technologies to deliver Business Analytics and Data Visualization tools to create intuitive dashboards that reflect your key business metrics.

If your business operates in multiple states or provinces or even across the border in both Canada and the U.S., CBASS Executive can display key metrics by state or province as well as cumulated across your geographic footprint. Each dashboard is displayed in chart or graph form and with a click of a button you can quickly display the underlying data in table format to export into your in-house systems for further analysis.

Dashboards can easily be customized to mirror your current business process and reporting structure. In addition, new dashboards can be created to match your specific company requirements.

Standard dashboards include the following views:

  • Market trend by state or province: a single graph that displays your account growth rate as well as the number of active accounts by state and/or province over the past 12 months
  • Commodity portfolio by state: displays the percentage of accounts by commodity for each state and/or province
  • Active accounts by state: a map of the U.S. and Canada displaying the number of active accounts in each territory
  • System activity: a graphical representation of the number of weekly enrolments and drop counts
  • Weekly revenue: a graphical representation of the cumulative weekly revenue broken down by state and/or province

CBASS Broker

CBASS Broker - Retail Energy Supplier ApplicationCBASS Broker is a secure portal for brokers and other sales channels to log into for view-only access. It shows enrolment status, pricing, consumption, and billing history of the accounts that they have signed.

CBASS Broker automates and simplifies the process of adding new sales channels and supports a multi-level sales structure.

Since CBASS Broker is integrated into ERTH’s billing engine, it also calculates broker sales commissions and allows brokers with view-only access to current and historical commission payments.