Electricity Hub

Electricity Hub

In Ontario’s retail electricity market, ERTH is the leading provider of EBT hub services, with over 93% market share by customer volume and 99.9% market share by retailer volume.

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  • The EBT Hub allows for highly secure and reliable connectivity to all market participants.
  • The Hub has had 100% uptime for over 2 years now, whilst consistently processing and mail-boxing transactions in less than 4 hours.
  • The Hub is hosted at a state-of-the world class hosting facility, with both data and application redundancies and the application and database are monitored 24/7 by EBT Hub Administrators.
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Hub Suite of Applications

Connected to the Hub is also the EBT Hub Suite of Applications that greatly increase our clients’ productivity

  • EBT Viewer
  • Account Viewer
  • EBT Exceptions Viewer

EBT Viewer

ERTH’s EBT Viewer is a productivity tool that provides the ability to audit transaction flows from end-to-end.

Account Viewer

ERTH’s Account Viewer goes one step beyond Exception Viewer and provides a single chronological view of a consumer’s account-level information and historical transaction activity. Account Viewer allows clients to quickly find required information by highlighting related transactions and by providing a summary of relevant fields.

EBT Exceptions Viewer

ERTH’s Exception Viewer provides an enhanced level of exception tracking allowing market participants to address time-sensitive issues, enabling local distribution companies to search for missing retailer bills, while also enabling retailers to ensure their bills are received and are properly settled.