Electricity Hub Connector

Electricity Hub Connector

Electricity Hub Connector

The flow of electronic business transactions is the lifeblood of energy companies. ERTH Business Technologies Inc. provides a reliable, scalable and cost-effective solution that readily adapts to all major CIS systems; the EBT Spoke.

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ERTH Business Technologies Inc.’s spoke product is an automated interface that allows market participants to send and receive data from their back-office systems. The spoke connects the Customer Information System (CIS) to the Electronic Business Transaction (EBT) Hub network.


The EBT Spoke ensures that messages conform to all security and message protocols, and comply with all technical business rules as specified by the regulatory authority. The EBT Spoke can also be tailored to your individual business requirements and to those of your CIS vendor.

EBT Hub Diagram

Managed Spoke

ERTH Business Technologies Inc. offers value-added spoke management services for clients wishing to monitor any exceptions or errors that occur through daily EBT traffic. These services reduce the internal resources required to monitor EBT traffic, and contribute to smoother and more efficient EBT flow.