EDI Transaction Management

EDI Transaction Management

ERTH’s EDI Transaction Management Service is a cost-effective option to manage all your complex data.

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ERTH’s EDI Transaction Management Service

ERTH’s Retail EDI Service provides U.S. retail energy suppliers with the full transaction set needed to maintain and bill gas and electric customers.

ERTH provides EDI/EDM services, not software, allowing for rapid implementation and cost-effective EDI messaging. Utlimately, ERTH’s EDI/EDM service simplifies and streamlines the communication of customer data.

EDI files received and/or sent to utilities are automatically reviewed for bad structure or missing data and any problems are proactively resolved by our operations team.

EDI Transaction Management – Simplifying the Relationship with Utilities

As state governments across the U.S. open up retail natural gas and electric marketplaces, the need for secure, reliable data transfer between energy marketers and utilities becomes increasingly critical – and complex.

Using ERTH’s EDI transaction management service, energy marketers can easily add states and utilities into their portfolio without changing system configuration. This significantly reduces effort and cost associated when adding additional commodities and utility trading partners over time.