EBT Hub Services

EBT Hub Services

In Ontario’s retail electricity market, ERTH is the leading provider of EBT hub services, with over 93% market share by customer volume and 99.9% market share by retailer volume.

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ERTH’s EBT Hub Service, which allows highly secure and reliable connectivity to all market participants in the Ontario market, has had 100% up time in over two years, with a transaction processing time of less than 4 hours. Over 97% of all transactions in the market are currently transmitted through the EBT Hub, which equals over 40 million transaction every year. The Hub has also been tested with smart meter interval data.

Today, the EBT Hub provides services to over 90% of the Ontario market. Hosted at a Class-A data centre and utilizing redundant hardware and networks, it has processed over 375 million transactions since market opening with an availability ratio of over 99.9%, and is one of the largest and most efficient systems of its kind. The EBT Hub’s peak rate of processing was over 200,000 transactions in less than 24 minutes and has currently been running for over two years with 100% availability.

EBT Hub Suite of Applications

Connected to the Hub is also the EBT Hub Suite of Applications that greatly increase our clients’ productivity. The applications are:

  • EBT Viewer
  • Account Viewer
  • EBT Exceptions Viewer

EBT Viewer: ERTH’s EBT Viewer is a productivity tool that provides the ability to audit transaction flows from end-to-end.

Account Viewer: ERTH’s Account Viewer goes one step beyond Exception Viewer and provides a single chronological view of a consumer’s account-level information and historical transaction activity. Account Viewer allows clients to quickly find required information by highlighting related transactions and by providing a summary of relevant fields.

EBT Exceptions Viewer: ERTH’s Exception Viewer provides an enhanced level of tracking allowing market participants to address time-sensitive issues, enabling local distribution companies to search for missing retailer bills, while also enabling retailers to ensure their bills are received and properly settled.