Document Fulfillment (Bill Print & Stuff)

Utility and Municipal Print & Mail Solutions

Outfitted with advanced equipment that processes high-volume printing and mailing, our team helps utilities and municipalities generate, manage and control a full spectrum of documents on-time and accurately.

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Bills, invoices and statements are the cash register to your business, yet they can be extremely difficult to handle. ERTH’s document fulfillment solution can help! Our leading technology, state-of-the-art equipment and commitment to our customers makes us a leader in providing print-to-mail services. In addition, ERTH understands the complexity of the utility industry and has implemented solutions tailored specifically towards that market.

Document Fulfillment Bill Print Process

Document Fulfillment (Print & Mailing) Services

ERTH’s solution includes advanced services to capture, compose, personalize, print and distribute bills through opens in a new windowCanada Post.

Functionality Highlights:

  • Data receipt, mapping and composition
  • Application of Address Accuracy
  • Mail sortation services
  • Advanced document composition based on customer class or individual customer requirements
  • Print output options for pdf, electronic bill or paper generated bill
  • Quality control applications
  • Intelligent insertion capabilities
  • Proven operational performance
    Outsourcing your print and mail process to ERTH will:

  • Save you money with our economies of scale and shared cost model
  • Free your resources to focus on your core business
  • Allow for a customized and flexible document design
  • Ensure full redundancy of software, equipment and people
  • Enable the presentment and storage of your documents in an electronic format

ERTH Enhanced Multi Bill and Statement Rendering Solution

ERTH has a comprehensive Document Fulfillment solution that transforms flat files into targeted customer statements/invoices for your customers. The information needs for your residential consumers are different from those of a commercial or industrial customer and your statement should reflect these needs. You can have different formats based upon any number of factors, including bill type, service type or customer class. Time of Use graphs and other charts are a great way to provide valuable information to your customers. When your business requirements change or changes in regulations mandate changes to your statements, ERTH’s solutions allow for very rapid format changes with minimal costs. The ERTH solution also includes the Canada Post Address Accuracy updates to ensure you receive the discounted postage rates and bills are delivered without delay.

Quality Assurance

Document Fulfillment Quality Assurance

Data processing is the key to a good bill design. ERTH will work with your team to ensure that your printed documents are laid out exactly the way you want it. Our redundant systems ensure that your data is processed and bills are turned around within the agreed upon Service Level Agreements (SLAs). With our full stream of Quality Assurance tools and processes, clients are assured the utmost of accuracy and security.