Document Management

Document Management

Controlling and managing documents from reports to customer communication to invoices and bills, ERTH has a fully integrated document management solution that streamlines your key business processes.

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Why choose ERTH’s Document Management Solutions?

ERTH leverages the FileNexus™ Enterprise Document Management System whichis capable of capturing information of any type and from any source, securely archiving it and allowing for full business automation, in one single application. It is a modular platform that is cost effective on a departmental level, but scalable to the enterprise.

Hosting Services
FileNexus is quick to deploy and highly cost competitive with products of similar power. FileNexus is proven – being used for mission critical document management by representative organizations employing millions of people and controlling trillions of dollars in assets worldwide in such fields as financial services, insurance, healthcare, utilities, retail, telecommunications, etc.

Eliminate the paper and streamline your business processes

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