Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting

ERTH’s Demand Forecasting System puts critical information at our customers’ finger tips.

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Energy Analysis can be daunting. Critical data is all over the place, it exists in files, databases, and websites. The challenge of collecting, organizing, storing, mapping, cleaning, and crunching that information is a labor intensive and error-prone full-time endeavour. You and your team have to do all of these tasks every day before you even have the opportunity to visualize and interpret that information.

ERTH’s Analytics and Intelligence platform is designed to make your life easier by putting critical information at your fingertips. The visualizations and reports provide you the information you need, when you need it, enabling you to make timely business decisions.

ERTH’s Demand Forecasting System

Benefits of ERTH’s Demand Forecasting System include:

  • Effectively manage risk in real-time
  • Increase profitability by eliminating additional overhead
  • Better visibility to data
  • Lower server cost by using one centralized system
  • Make more timely, accurate decisions

Demand Forecasting System

Weather is the most critical factor in determining customer usage. The ERTH Demand Forecasting System utilizes proprietary, state of the art weather responsive algorithms that help to mitigate risk by accurately forecasting customer usage. This allows for predictable margins and profitability. The DFS is a cloud-based software solution designed specifically for the complexities of retail energy suppliers and utilities.

Utilizing both future start date and active contracts to determine total contractual load obligation, the Demand Forecasting System helps to maintain financial covenants and collateral requirements with wholesale counter parties. In addition, the system allows for “what if” scenarios to track and manage cash flow by testing extreme weather conditions and/or the effect of customer growth (or churn) against the current book of business.

Learn more about ERTH’s Demand Forecasting System hereopens PDF file , or call us for a demo: 1-866-703-8483 extension 246.