Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)


The safety of our employees, clients, business partners and the general public is extremely important to us, as is the provision of quality services to our clients. With the current COVID-19 outbreak, ERTH Corporation is taking necessary steps to monitor developments and follow the Government’s guidance to reduce the spread of this pandemic.

  • As of March 13, ERTH offices were closed to the public, non-essential business travel was ceased, conferences and industry events were cancelled, and we inventoried staff who were traveling and self-isolation implemented where applicable.
  • ERTH has also invoked work from home protocols for a subset of our staff, as other precautions to limit spread have been implemented for those remaining within ERTH facilities.  Providing safe quality service to our clients remains of utmost importance to us. Our continuity plans are in place and updated as our climate changes and services will continue to be provided from our offices, remote work locations or from the field as required.
  • Keeping you updated
    As we continue to monitor the situation closely, we will implement new measures as changes occur.  New developments or updates will be updated on this page, and posted on Facebook and Twitter.