Compliance Sampling

Compliance Sampling

ERTH’s meter shop was established in 1999 and has since been a leader in the Ontario electric meter market. Our Compliance Sampling program helps utilities save money and protect their investment under S-S-06.

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In 2011, ERTH became the first company in Canada to be accredited by opens in a new windowMeasurement Canada to perform sampling of single and three phase electronic meters. Then in 2012, ERTH became the first company to be accredited under opens in a new windowS-S-06 by Measurement Canada to test and seal smart meters.

What is Compliance Sampling?

Compliance sampling allows for a sample group of in-service meters to be tested without removing all meters from the field. This provides a significant cost savings to utilities while reducing meter changing costs. In addition, compliance sampling reduces the amount of overhead needed for the meter population. Under S-S-06, accurate meter pre-sampling will help ensure utilities meet Measurement Canada’s requirements and avoid the heavy fines.

Sampling Plan Management

ERTH’s one-of-a-kind Sampling Plan Management Program takes the burden off utilities and significantly reduces the risk of heavy fines imposed by Measurement Canada. Several utilities are already taking part in this program which includes:

  • Lot sizing
  • Pre-sample meter listing
  • Time-On Test monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Annual statistical reporting (assisting customers in selecting the appropriate recertification level to better manage the asset).

In addition, ERTH will liaise with Measurement Canada on behalf of our customers while helping ensure that each meter lot attains maximum seal life.

Let ERTH help your utility save money and get the most out of your assets! Contact us today for a quote.