Customer Information System (CIS)

A dependable, flexible and user-friendly Customer Information System (CIS) is essential for utilities and municipalities. ERTH delivers solutions for your core processes, along with support from our team of industry experts.

Through our partnership with NorthStar Utilities, we can offer your utility or municipality a cloud-based CIS system built with your industry in mind, along with support services to ensure maximum functionality and process optimization. ERTH currently hosts, supports, and maintains systems for over twenty utilities and municipalities. In addition, ERTH provides a full spectrum of optional modules and services to enhance the customer experience and streamline your operations. Scroll down to learn more about our industry-leading CIS solutions and support.

Key Components and Functionality of our Customer Information System

  • Customer, Account and multi-service Management
  • Robust Bill Processing Engine and Rate Calculators
  • Comprehensive Revenue and Receivables Management
  • Turn-key Service Order Management
  • Workflow Enabled
  • Highly configurable solution, minimizing customization
  • Full Reporting Suite
  • Deregulation Ready

CIS Product Extensions

Web Presentment (Customer Portal)

Give your customers the tools they need when they need it. The Customer CARe solution enables consumers and businesses to efficiently self-service their account 24/7, thereby reducing effort for call centre personnel.

Integrated Voice Response (IVR)

IVR automates routine customer service requests, making skilled resources more readily available to handle complex customer-centric issues or projects. In addition, Integrated Voice Response can be leveraged to initiate workflow and initiate mass communications to your customers at a nominal cost.


  • Inbound IVR — Customers can receive balances, due dates, payment history, etc.
  • Outbound IVR — Automate your outbound payment reminder calls, outage notifications, customer satisfaction surveys or even your conservation programs
  • Real-time — The IVR interacts directly with your customer information systems, so billing and payment information is exchanged on a real-time basis

Mobile Field Services

Streamline your field service work with mobility! Designed specifically for utilities and municipalities, mCARE unifies the field and the office by managing service orders electronically and in an optional wireless mode.

With mCARE, you can drive greater efficiencies from your field operations, improve responsiveness in the field and in the office, enhance the overall safety of mobile workers and provide consistently higher levels of customer service.

Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced operational efficiencies with real-time communication between office and field operations for informed, actionable, decision-making.
  • Elimination of data entry for office staff in transposing service order notes into the CIS system and manually updating order information.
  • Flexible and powerful scheduling engine for dispatchers to optimally assign orders to workers with the right skill-set, with optimized routes to improve overall productivity and efficiency.
  • Reporting capabilities on current and historical field operations allows utilities to respond effectively to customer inquiries.
  • Faster turnaround of service requests helps utilities meet and exceed SLA and regulatory requirements.

CIS Hosting

Since 1999 ERTH has been offering private cloud solutions and has become the largest provider of cloud based solutions for utilities in Ontario. Explore our Cloud Computing and Hosting Services.

Cloud computing illustration

Beyond Support to a Lasting Partnership

When you choose ERTH, you gain a partner that has been using the Harris NorthStar CIS solutions since 1984. In addition, we use this system for our own billing services for our affiliate utility ERTH Power. Our capabilities and experience set us apart.

Today, ERTH is NorthStar’s largest business partner. We continue to invest in training and quality assurance programs for the benefit of our clients. Not only will you get a feature-rich technology solution, but you will get a proven partner that knows how to help capitalize on technology and streamline business processes.

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