Minimize inconsistency, maximize effectiveness

Organizations, especially utilities, are under enormous pressure to do more with less. In addition, workarounds are deployed to solve temporary problems, however, are rarely eliminated when solutions are resolved.  ERTH will identify these situations.  With ERTH’s Business Process Optimization services, utilities and municipalities lower operating costs, deliver services more quickly, improve accuracy, and enhance their focus on core business activities and on their customers.

Our Approach

ERTH’s structured approach to Business Process Optimization is based on the following framework.

Benefits of CIS Business Process Optimization

  • Lower Costs
  • Reduce Risk
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Quality
  • Enhance Process Consistency
  • Maintain and Enhance Security Posture
  • Simplify Operations

Why partner with ERTH?

  • Leverage the support of NorthStar Subject Matter Experts with years of utility experience.
  • Eliminate time-consuming workarounds
  • Gain an understanding of processes being deployed in similar organizations that may be relevant and valuable to your organization.
  • Generate employee buy-in. With our strategic approach to Business Process Optimization (BPO), we ensure that staff is engaged in the process.
  • Receive a recommendations document outlining opportunities for improvement.
  • Get revised business flows and training materials.

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