Bill Print and Mail Solutions for Utilities and Municipalities

Equipped with state-of-the-art printers and technology, ERTH’s bill print and document fulfillment solution processes high-volume printing and mailing of critical business documents, including bills, invoices and statements. Our proven process and experienced team of subject matter experts help utilities and municipalities generate, manage and control a full spectrum of documents accurately and efficiently.

At ERTH Corporation, we print and stuff over 500,000 bills per month for 14 utilities and municipalities.  Our boutique firm specializes in printing utility and municipal bills and our understanding of the industry and all the legislative requirements makes ERTH a great partner for your company.  We understand that we need to be highly responsive to our clients whether that involves delaying bills to accommodate system and rate changes, adding inserts at the last minute or completely rewriting and designing a new bill, we do it!  And that’s why our customers like working with us.  We understand the utility world.

Printing and stuffing bills requires specialized equipment and resources that will eventually need to be replaced.  ERTH has invested in redundant high end printers and stuffing equipment to ensure bills go out on time.  You can’t risk delaying your bills from going out and that’s why it often makes sense to outsource your printing and stuffing needs.

ERTH’s rendering software can transform your bill into something that your customers will appreciate.  Whether printing in colour or black and white, ERTH’s team can create billing statements that are clear and concise and in your company’s image.

Here is how our solution generally works.  First, you upload your billing systems bill print file.  This can be in virtually any structured format.  ERTH will then parse the file and perform a number of validations such as the mailing address, Ebills, # of bills, US Bills, multi-page bills, first bills, final bills etc. and then perform any necessary updates.  ERTH will also create the mailing intelligence for the bills so that the stuffing equipment knows how to handle exceptions.  ERTH then produces the bill images and sends the printed bills to the print que for printing and then injects all the bills into your Ebilling system, if necessary.

Clients can view and approve the bills if they like prior to ERTH printing them.

Bills are then printed and stuffed according to our client’s specifications.  This includes inserts, collating multiple bills for the same customer with ERTH’s robust error handling, our stuffing equipment ensures that bills don’t accidentally get inserted with another customer’s.

All the bills printed and stuffed are then taken to Canada Post for expedited delivery.  ERTH manages the Canada Post account on behalf of it’s clients who receive the Statement of Mailings and other reports created by ERTH.

ERTH makes every effort to get your bills to the post office no later than next day and because we are a boutique firm specializing in Utilities and Municipalities, we can adjust our production schedule to accommodate special requests or requirements.

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Utility bills printing on commercial printer

Our bill print process and technology

ERTH’s bill print and document fulfillment solution includes advanced services to capture, compose, personalize, print and mail bills through Canada Post.  ERTH’s online portal enables it’s customers to track the status of the print jobs, identify inserts and approve jobs for printing.  In addition, the portal tracks all printed jobs and the Statement of Mailings from Canada Post.

Key functionality and features:

  • Data receipt, mapping and composition
  • Application of Address Accuracy
  • Mail sortation services
  • Advanced document composition based on customer class or individual customer requirements
  • Print output options for PDF, electronic bill or paper generated bill
  • Quality control applications
  • Intelligent insertion capabilities
  • Proven operational performance
  • Save money with economies of scale and shared cost model
  • Save on postage costs by grouping bills going to the same address
  • Free up resources to focus on your core business
  • Allow for a customized and flexible document design
  • Ensure full redundancy of software, equipment and people
  • Presentment and storage of your documents in an electronic format

ERTH has a comprehensive Document Fulfillment solution that transforms flat files into targeted customer statements/invoices. The information requirements for your residential consumers are different from those of a commercial or industrial consumer, and the statement should reflect these needs. With ERTH’s solution, you can have different formats based upon any number of factors, including bill type, service type or customer class. Time of Use graphs and other charts are a great way to provide valuable information to your customers.

When your business requirements change or regulatory changes mandate revisions to your statements, ERTH’s solution allows for rapid formatting updates with minimal costs. The ERTH solution also includes the Canada Post Address Accuracy updates to ensure you receive the discounted postage rates and bills are delivered without delay.

Data processing is key to a good bill design. ERTH works with your team to ensure that your printed documents are formatted exactly the way you want them. Our redundant systems ensure that your data is processed and bills generated within the agreed upon Service Level Agreements (SLAs). With our full stream of quality assurance tools and processes, ERTH ensures accuracy and security.

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