Introducing Quadra’s Service Call Quoting Module

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Revenue from service call quoting varies from company to company. Some industry data suggests it represents anywhere from 35-50% of overall revenue for mechanical, construction, and other service businesses. opens in a new windowQuadra’s Service Call Quoting module can help your company capitalize on potentially missed revenue.

opens in a new windowService Call Quoting Module - QuadraHistorically, sales teams (both in-house and field technicians) have had limited service call quoting tools available them. Field technicians often call or e-mail the office with the quote details and then a sales representative takes over. However, reducing the time it takes to generate a service call quote can INCREASE the number of service call sales. The average time from the initial service request to the customer receiving a quote is two weeks. Customers are between 35-50% more likely to buy from the vendor that supplies them with the first quote they receive and customers are a full SEVEN (7) times more likely to buy from you if you can get them a quote within 60 minutes.

Quadra’s Service Call Quoting Module

Quadra’s Service Call Quoting module is fully integrated with opens in a new windowKEY2ACT and designed to streamline the Quote to Service Call process. With real-time links to Key2Act, your technicians or sales resources can quickly lookup existing customers and equipment records. If the records don’t already exist, they can simply create new ones. If new quotes are turned into service calls, new customer and equipment records can be added dynamically to KEY2ACT. In addition, service requests or recommendations can be sent automatically to the office for approval or price validation. Alternatively, the requests or recommendations can be approved by the customer in the field. opens in a new windowQuadra uses the approved customer specific labor rates for that customer if they are available in Key2Act. Standard labor rates are used when customer-specific rates are not available. This helps streamline the overall process.

The elimination of duplicate entry and the reduction in time will lead to more quotes being awarded! Quotes that are awarded will create the service call in KEY2ACT without any additional data entry.

The Quadra Service Call Quoting module is a native HTML5 application. Therefore, it can run in a browser at the office or on the same tablet or mobile phone used to run MobileTech by the Service Technicians.

Service Call Quoting Module on a Tablet and Browser - Quadra

Check out our introduction video below for more information about Quadra’s Service Call Quoting module.


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