EDI Billing Solution Showcased at EMC7 Houston

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Stop by ERTH’s booth (#11) at EMC7 in Houston on March 1, 2017 to learn how our managed EDI Billing solution can help reduce operational costs and increase profitability. The best part of ERTH’s solution is that there is zero upfront investment.EDI Billing Solution

ERTH’s EDI Billing Solution

ERTH takes over all of the back-office operations and day-to-day interactions with the utilities from the point where an energy marketer acquires the customer. This significantly helps energy marketers reduce their operational costs. In addition, our solution is cloud-based providing energy marketers with full visibility into all market transactions and customer and broker related data. Furthermore, the interface is intuitive and very user-friendly.

ERTH offers a dedicated team of energy market experts to manage your day-to-day operations. Therefore, our customers quickly realize multiple benefits including:

  • Operational cost savings
  • Reduced upfront capital investments
  • Increase in profitability
  • Minimize issues impacting cash-flow

If you’re attending EMC7 in Houston, contact Robert by February 28, 2017create new email, to set up a demo during the conference. In doing so, you will earn a free $25 Starbucks gift card!

ERTH’s Retailer Billing Services – Covering Your Back Office Needs

By choosing ERTH’s Managed Retailer Billing Services, rather than licensing, customizing, implementing and operating a billing system of your own, retailers can avoid the substantial investment in back office systems. In addition, retailers can avoid the investment in staff needed to comply with the various market standards.

ERTH’s operations department consists of a team of dedicated market experts providing all of the back office duties and management of your day-to-day operations. Some of our duties include:

  • Proactively contact utilities for incorrect or late transactions
  • Process historical usages and enrolment transactions
  • Provide detailed reporting on all transactions
  • Process drop enrolments as needed and provide early termination reports

Supporting our operations team, our platform incorporates over 50 automated system checks and operational processes ensuring:

  • Every account is billed correctly and on time
  • All enrolments are accepted by utilities on time
  • Any errors in incoming and outgoing files are quickly caught and corrected

Click here for further information on ERTH’s Retailer Billing Service. For further information on how ERTH’s EDI/Billing Services can help your company reduce operational costs and increase profitability, please contact us today at 1-866-703-8483 x 246.